Disability Arts and Rightful Lives

Here at Living Life to the Fullest, we are thrilled to say that the artwork of two young disabled artists who participated in our first Arts Retreat in 2017 – facilitated by our brilliant community research partners, Purple Patch Arts – will be having their work included in a new exhibition, Rightful Lives.

Fraser Carr and Brandon Styles have agreed to be part of Rightful Lives – an online exhibition highlighting the lack of access to human rights experienced by many disabled people (particularly those with autism and/or learning disability), as well as the grave violence experienced by many disabled people and their families through the systemic problems and failures in health and social care. For example, see the Mazars Report (2015) and the recent Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDer) (2015-2018). See here to learn more about Rightful Lives.

Rightful Lives begins on Monday 24th September 2018 and will run for a week.

You can follow the progress of the exhibition on Twitter at @RightfulLives or the hashtag #RightfulLives or on Facebook at #RightfulLives. If you would like to submit content for the exhibition Rightful Lives, see here, and please email exhibition@rightfullives.net

Visible, Liveable Lives: An Exhibition

All of the artwork produced in our Arts Retreats will be included in our own exhibition, Visible, Liveable Lives: An Exhibition (working title) later in the project. So watch this space!

To watch a BBC Breakfast report on our first Arts Retreat, please see here.

Screenshot of BBC News site with Living Life to the Fullest feature





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