Together for Short Lives: My Care Transfer

Together for Short Lives logoLiving Life to the Fullest impact partner and friend Together for Short Lives, the UK’s leading charity for seriously ill children and their families, has just launched a new online platform: My Care Transfer. It’ll help families looking after seriously ill children to keep all their important information in one secure place, so they can share it with professionals as and when they need to.

Together for Short Lives said, “We often hear from families that admission to hospital can be made more stressful when key information isn’t easily accessible, so we were keen to create a resource that families can use to ensure effective communication with care professionals.

The platform is fully optimised to use on mobile phones and tablets, and families can register and fill in a form. Once complete, My Care Transfer generates a document that families can save, update, print and send whenever they need to share their information with professionals.

The document can hold information on emergency care plans, personal care preferences, daily routines, allergies, and symptom management, so families always have important information at their fingertips. The personal information saved on an individual’s plan will only be seen by those with login details and those you chose to share your plan with.

My Care Transfer is the last in a series of three supported by the Bupa UK Foundation, focusing on supporting seriously ill young people moving to adult services. Whilst My Care Transfer can be used by families with a seriously ill child of any age, it will be particularly useful for those making the transition to adult services, ensuring no key information is left behind or forgotten.”

You can read more about My Care Transfer here, as well as read some experiences of parents who have used it. You can follow Together for Short Lives on Twitter here: @Tog4ShortLives



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