Thinking about social justice through disability-as-opportunity: a dishuman approach

On 19th November, 2018, Professor Katherine Runswick-Cole (The School of Education, and iHuman, The University of Sheffield) delivered the keynote lecture for the Sheffield Hallam Education Studies Degree Annual Conference.

In the lecture, Katherine described the ways in which ‘learning disability’ has been constructed as a ‘nightmare’ for moral philosophy and social justice. Accounts of social justice premised on the notion of rational, able and bounded individuals have struggled to account for the lives of people with learning disabilities.

Drawing on work with colleagues, Katherine described an approach to social justice that centres the lives of people who attract the label of learning disability. She argued that this allows us to think more expansively about what it means to be human and what this means for social justice.

To learn more about this work, please visit here.

Image of some scales


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